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DE&S for Elbow

By Tom

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We have recently had the pleasure of acquiring a familiar new customer in the form of Mr Guy Garvey, lead singer of Mercury Award Winning Manchester band Elbow.

We are excited to be dressing Mr Garvey because Elbow represent a level of quality which we are very proud to be associated with. Also, he is a lovely chap to be around.

We had been hoping to measure him for a while but these things take time to organise and having a suit made takes a couple of months anyway.

In order to complete a suit for a gentleman in time for a particular event, we need them to be able to plan ahead but being in a band that tours the world means planning ahead isn’t easy but Mr Garvey was keen to get himself some new pieces, made especially for him.

So, he now has a new DE&S wardrobe comprising suits, bespoke shirts, ties and the all important finishing touch – a white pocket square.

And as it is generally known by now, Elbow are set to be very much involved with the biggest event of the summer as the creators of the Olympics theme and so are going to be featured quite a bit on our screens.

We hope that Mr Garvey’s appearance will be noticeably enhanced in a brown flannel 2 piece with a dark check and a grey flannel

Please let us know if you do see him and notice any changes!

If you are not aware of Elbow’s work, below is a link to some of their headlining performance at the Jodrell Bank show in Macclesfield recently.

It’s all very exciting stuff!

And there’s more to come with this story in the near future, we will bring you more news of our collaboration soon.

Elbow Jodrell Bank


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