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Evans recommends…’The Gentleman’ A Timeless Fashion

By Tom

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And now, it’s time for a story…

Although this story is as much about the pictures as the words which makes it all the more interesting…

As you can imagine, over our years as colleagues – D.E & S often share various magazines, articles and literature with each other for inspiration and to refer to historical trends and viewpoints.

Above all others, we have one book which we come back to…time and time again..

The Gentleman by Bernard Roetzel is a highly recommended read for anyone interested in all things sartorial.

As the cover suggests (don’t be put off!), Mr Roetzel’s is a comprehensive study of a gentleman’s style from head to toe and is a tome of ‘timeless’ advice that cuts through trivial notions such as all the ‘current’ trends that have recurred since it came out (in 1999) to deliver the essentials. By essentials I mean important details of gentlemanly moments from how to….’Breakfast in style’ with recommendations on the right style of dressing gown to accompany a Spode tea service and evenly spread jam from Fortnum and Mason on your toast to the etiquette of White Tie dress and everything inbetween!


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