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‘Ivory’ collection, new shoot.

By Tom

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Our latest shoot comes courtesy of roughly the same fantastic team of creatives we have worked with before but with a slightly different (and older!) model but we couldn’t be happier with the results..

After the beautiful Platt Hall shoot featuring Jacob Crosby last summer, we again recruited Ms Sarah Jones to take the reigns and magic was created in a reappointed barn just outside Marple.

With thanks to Lucy Hallard, (@loulouboos) one of Manchester’s most in demand wardrobe stylists and Colette ‘Make Up’ (@colette1976) for their assistance on the day, we now have the most professional images we’ve ever had.

Colette powdered and puffed and Lucy pinned, pulled and ironed creases and hems to within an inch of their life, making sure our pieces looked as immaculate as they appear here before Sarah got to work.

Yes, it was a all girl team that set about Mr Evans on the day and he’s never looked better for it.

Sarah Jones must be given all the credit for her vision and experience of knowing what would and wouldn’t work within our brief.

We love how the images have an almost ‘active’ look, quite out of character for Mr Evans!

He does have a naturally vintage air and she has captured it in grand style, we hope you can feel the Room With A View influence of it all.

Thank you again, to everybody involved.


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