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Springtime for D.E&S..

By Tom

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Spring summer 2012 sees D.E&S launching our new collection ‘Ivory’.

Inspired by the style of the films of director partnership James Merchant and Ismail Ivory which feature classic English style in exotic locations.

The most evocative of these films for us is ‘A Room With A View’ and in part because it is set in Florence, a city we visit often and which is special to us. Also our main collection is made by hand in Tuscany so we wanted to pay homage to these elements and bring them together.

The style of the piece is quintessentially ‘English abroad’ during a summer holiday to the city and the surrounding Tuscan countryside. So, we have some very ‘properly’ and finely dressed ladies and gents battling to stay calm in the mediterranean heat with stiff collars and upper lips!

Of the ‘Ivory’ pieces we have received so far, the Vyse Jacket above captures this mood the most. It is a classic English summer casual jacket with a nod to the European preference of using linen (blended with wool and silk in this case) in the warmer months which I’m sure Maggie Smith’s officious character Charlotte would make her feelings perfectly clear about! The main feature of the Vyse is the ‘Scabal’ fabric which is beautifully, lightly woven and it’s evocative tone of peachy beige with cream and white flecks is reminiscent of this era but also thoroughly modern with our signature slim fitting and highlight buttons.

More on our Ivory collection soon…..

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